dogresources.png Animal Wellness Center is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet.  Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following sites.  We trust the information the listed websites provide to you, our client, and member of our family.



Dr. Pitcairn's new complete guide to natural health for dogs and cars
- pitcairn

the holistic dog book: canine care for the 21st century
- denise flaim

holistic guide for a healthy dog
- wendy volhard

kindred spirits: how the remarkable bond between humans and animals can change the way we live
- allen schoen dvm

the natural cat
- anitra frazier

complementary and alternative veterinary medicine (textbook)
- schoen and wynn, eds

natural pet care
- gary null

veterinarian's guide to natural remedies for dogs
- martin zucker

natural pet cures
- john heinerman dvm

heal your dog the natural way
- dr. richard all port

the encyclopedia of natural pet care
- cj puotinen dvm

homeopathic care for cats and dogs
- don hamilton dvm

homeopathic first aid for animals
- kaetheryn walker 

Nutrition Books

work wonders: feed your dog raw meaty bones
- tom lonsdale

raw meaty bones promote health
- tom lonsdale

natural nutrition for dogs and cats
- kymythy schultze

real dogs don't eat kibble
- sandra bailey

raw dog food
- carina beth mcdonald

give your dog a bone: the practical commonsense way to feed dogs for a healthy life
- dr. ian billinghurst

the whole pet diet: 8 weeks to a great health for dogs and cats
- ansi brown

food pets die for: the shocking facts about pet food
- ann n. martin

pottenger's cats: a study in nutrition
- francis m. pottenger jr, md

Vaccination Books

shock to the system: the facts about animal vaccination, pet food, and how to keep your pets healthy
- catherine m, o'driscoll

what vets don't tell you about vaccination
- catherine o'driscoll

stop the shots! are vaccinations killing our pets?
- john clifton