Where Are you located?

2205 S Park Rd
Kokomo, IN 46902


What are your clinic hours?

Monday - Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Regular appointments scheduled in the afternoon.
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed      



What is Homeopathy?

Simply put, Homeopathy is a natural way of getting and keeping your pet in the best health for life. Click Here to view recommended books, articles and links to web sites to explore the wonderful world of homeopathy

What is the latest on Vaccines?

We do not recommend annual vaccinations other than legally required rabies, which can be given every 3 years in Indiana. The latest official veterinary opinion states that annual re-vaccinations are neither required nor effective. Some veterinarians may not know of this or agree with it, but we believe it is true, and that over vaccination is causing harm to many animals. This is not new information, just ignored information. This was first published in Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy in the 1980's where Dr. Ronald Schultz and Dr. Tom Phillips stated:

"A practice that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific validity or verification is annual re-vaccinations.
… The practice of annual vaccination in our opinion should be considered of questionable effectiveness."

 Annual exams are still critical to detect and address health problems early, and we focus on maintaining your animal's optimum health and wellness, not on giving unneeded annual boosters.      

Do you do traditional veterinary care?

Yes! We combine homeopathy and traditional veterinary care to give your pet the best possible care.

Where can I buy meds and treatments? 

You can buy meds and treatments that Dr. Todd has recommended for you at Vet Source and we have a full pharmacy for traditional meds, our office also carries remedies and Standard Process for supplements.

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