Animal Wellness Center
Healing with Compassion and Care

Veterinary Care the Natural Way
Dr. Todd's goal is to restore your animals health with gentle and nontoxic methods which assist the body's own healing ability.
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Flea & Tick Problem?

Cold weather is just around the corner . . .

That means Fleas & Ticks may still be invading your peaceful pet and home! Even though it's cold outside, it is toasty in your home.
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When fleas bite, they can cause all sorts of havoc with your pet. From allergy and skin reactions to heartworm disease. Ticks can cause lyme disease in both you and your pet.
Be proactive, control your environment before it becomes a battle ground!

Call us so you can win the war against these pests!

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Holistic Health for People & Animals

See how Homeopathy can work for you and your family.
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A to Z Homeopathy

Homeopathy Supplies & Information.
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Dr. Todd Cooney Voted . . .

Best Veterinarian in Kokomo!

Dr. Todd Cooney was this years pick for best veterinarian in the

Kokomo Tribune's Best of Kokomo 2012!

You can check out more about Dr. Todd by checking out his Bio, Blog or FaceBook & pages.

Congratulations Dr. Todd!!

Don't forget Dr. Todd's Radio Shows.
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Welcome to the Animal Wellness Center where we offer an alternative to conventional pet care. We are a full service integrative veterinary practice, blending holistic and traditional treatment methods for your animal’s best health. Our holistic focus is on nutrition and homeopathy, and minimal vaccines and drugs. Our traditional focus is on surgery, dentistry and preventive care.

Healing with compassion and care is our goal. The staff at the Animal Wellness Center is eager to serve you and your beloved companion.

We look forward to meeting you.

Watch Dr. Todd's welcome message.


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Our Mission Statement . . .

"Our goal is to provide affordable high quality care for your animal, using a holistic approach which respects the natural healing ability of each individual, and to help you find the best way to maintain wellness for them.  This is done with little reliance on drugs, and emphasis on nutrition, supplements, and natural forms of treatment as of primary importance.  The ultimate goal is to restore each animal to the best level of health possible, prevent suffering, and eliminate reliance on drugs."

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